Luggage Storage Service


The Service is offered for a fee of \700 per day (\500 for storage within two (2) hours) on a cash-in-advance basis. The Service is available on the basis of same-day collection and during the service hours specified in Clause 2 of the Terms and Conditions. Luggage uncollected within the said hours on the day of deposit will be collected on or after the following day, which will require an additional charge of \700 per day.


Service Hours

The Service is offered during the period from 11:00 to 19:00, in principle, and requests for the Service must be received before 18:00, in principle. However, the stated service hours may be changed at the discretion of the Company, for which effective service hours will be displayed at the location where the Service is provided.


Prohibited Items

The Service does not accept the items listed below:

(1) Valuables (cash, passport, cash card, pre-paid card, credit card, negotiable securities, precious stones, precious metals, calligraphic works and paintings,  antiques, works of art, documents containing personal information and/or confidential information, etc.);

(2) Any item whose economic value including that of packaging and content exceeding \300,000;

(3) Perishable and/or degradable items, materials with a strong odor and/or requiring refrigeration;

(4) Animals, plants and fish/shellfish;

(5) Mortal remains;

(6) Dangerous goods, including volatile and toxic substances and explosives;

(7) Illegal goods, including those stolen, weapons (firearms and bladed weapons), items to be used, or carrying risks of being used, with a criminal intention, and items prohibited by laws, regulations, ordinances, etc.; and

(8) Other items considered by the Company as unsuitable for the purpose of the Service.


Liability Limitation

The Company will not be held liable for loss of or damage to luggage stored under the Service caused by any of the following:

(1) Product defects, normal wear and tear;

(2) Causes beyond the control of the Company, including natural disasters and unavoidable accidents/incidents;

(3) Lost or plagiarized storage receipts;

(4) Government confiscation or order of evidentiary submission based on judicial requirements; or

(5) Other reasons not attributable to the responsibility of the Company.


Action for uncollected luggage

For luggage that is stored and not claimed within two (2) days from the day after it is deposited, the User will be deemed to have waived the right to claim the luggage, and the luggage will be disposed of by the Company. In doing so, the Company shall be entitled to sell the luggage and allocate proceeds from the sale to cover costs involved in unpaid charges, as described in Clause 1 of the Terms and Conditions, and expenses for the disposal of the luggage and others.



Other details about the Service are described in the Luggage Storage Service Terms and Conditions.